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Valentine Grant 1916

Valentine Grant (February 14, 1881 in Frankfort, Indiana – March 12, 1949 in Orange County, California) was an American silent film actress.


Grant became the companion of film director Sidney Olcott who cast her in his 1915 production of Nan O' the Backwoods. She had been part of the Kalem Company crew that went to film for the second time in Ireland and in 1915 she starred in All for Old Ireland.

Grant also appeared in several films for other companies such as Lubin Studios in Philadelphia and for Famous Players-Lasky. She married Olcott, with whom she would remain for the rest of her life, and after he left Kalem she performed in a few films for his production company before retiring in 1918.

Grant died in 1949 a few months before her husband.

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