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Valentinus Lublinus, also known as Walenty Lublin,[1] was a 16th-century Polish physician and editor of medical texts. He was a student of Johannes Baptista Montanus at the University of Padua, and collected, edited and published several volumes of his teacher's lectures[2] two years after Montanus's death.[3] One of these volumes was "explanations" of Galen, published in 1556.[4]

The surname Lublinus indicates that he was from Lublin, a center of literary and intellectual activity during the Polish Renaissance. Lublinus's Latinized name also sometimes appears with the cognomen Polonus, an additional toponym to indicate that he was from Poland.


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Editions of Montanus by Lublinus include:

  • De excrementis[1]
  • In artem parvam Galeni explanationes[2]
  • Consultationum medicinalium centuria prima[3]