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This article is about the city in Venezuela. For other uses, see Valera (disambiguation).
Panorama View of Valera, from Sabana Hills
Panorama View of Valera, from Sabana Hills
Flag of Valera
Official seal of Valera
Nickname(s): La ciudad de las siete colinas (The City of the seven hills) or La novia de Venezuela
Valera is located in Venezuela
Coordinates: 09°18′45″N 70°36′25″W / 9.31250°N 70.60694°W / 9.31250; -70.60694Coordinates: 09°18′45″N 70°36′25″W / 9.31250°N 70.60694°W / 9.31250; -70.60694
Country Venezuela
State Trujillo
Counties Valera Municipality
Demonym Valerano/a
 • Total 226.45 km2 (87.43 sq mi)
Elevation 650 m (2,130 ft)
Population (2011)
 • Total 135,215
 • Density 597.12/km2 (1,546.5/sq mi)
Postal code 3101
Area code 271
Downtown Valera
Valera Catheral in Valera Bolivar Square
Night view of Downtown Valera, from Murachi residential area
View of Las Acacia area

Valera is a city in Trujillo State in Venezuela, situated between the rivers Momboy and Motatán. The current mayor is José Karkom, who has had that post since 2013.[1] The city is home to Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Colombian and Spanish communities. It is also home to the Universidad Valle del Momboy, a private university, as well as the Instituto Universitario de Tecnología de Trujillo (IUTET). Also, the Universidad Nacional Experimental Simón Rodríguez (UNESR), the Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador (UPEL), among others.

The city is the commercial center of Trujillo state, and a gateway to the Andes region of Venezuela. It has a vibrant business community, as well as a diverse and educated workforce. As the economic and commercial center of Trujillo state, Valera is a leading distribution centre for the agricultural products in Venezuela, in which sugarcane, cacao, coffee, fruit, and grains are cultivated. Flour milling is a principal industry. The area has traditionally supplied about one-fourth of the nation’s wheat.


Valera has its name from Marcos Valera. It is not known to science some the year of its foundation even though several historians agree to state that on 25 August 1811. Others say that it was in 1817 on land owned by Doña Mercedes Diaz de Teran and Dr. Gabriel Briceno.The location of Valera is privileged for its commercial and industrial development, because it is a point of intersection between the routes: Merida - Maracaibo - Caracas - San Cristóbal.

Valera has modern commercial buildings,such as: Ateneo, Hotels, Avenues, Park of Illustrious (Parque de Los Ilustres) and Agricultural Fair Park (Parque Ferial Agropecuario), named for its founders.[2]

Parish Seat[edit]

The municipality is composed of six parishes: Juan Ignacio Montilla, la Beatriz, la Puerta, Mendoza Fria, Mercedes Diaz and San Luis[3]


The city has three daily papers, the Diario de Los Andes, Todo Primicias and the Diario El Tiempo, [1] along with several radio stations, including Angel FM 93.7. Others include Radio Única. [2] Valera also publishes the Magazine Cars Trujillo, its first magazine about cars.


  • Los Andes
  • Weather Journal

Radio stations[edit]

  • Superior 88.3 FM.
  • Come FM 89.7.
  • Domingo Sabio 91.1 FM.
  • Weather Radio 91.5 FM.
  • Paisana 92.5 FM
  • Az 93.1 FM.
  • Exitos 93.7 FM.
  • Super K 94.3 FM.
  • Esmax 94.7 FM.
  • Comes FM 95.7.
  • Globe 96.1 FM.
  • Brava 96.9 FM.
  • Ula 97.9 FM.
  • 9.5 Solidarity FM.
  • Peace FM 9.9.
  • Unica 99.9 FM.
  • Rumbera Network 101.1 FM.
  • RNV Activa 101.9 FM.
  • CNB 102.5 FM Trujillo.
  • Super Active 103.5 FM.
  • Trujillana 104.5 FM.
  • Venezuela National Radio 106.5 FM.
  • Valerana Stereo FM 106.9.


The city of Valera has three regional channels:

  • Plus TV, UHF channel 48 and channel 7 on cable.
  • Come TV, channel 8 on cable.
  • Tv Andes (in testing), channel 16 and 10 on cable.


Home of Trujillanos FC (venezuelan soccer league)


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