Valeriy Lobanovskyi Memorial Tournament

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Valery Lobanovsky's image on the scoreboard during the 2007 Memorial Tournament

Valeri Lobanovsky Memorial Tournament (Ukrainian: Турнір Пам'яті Валерія Лобановського) (before 2005); and since 2005 it is called the International Valeri Lobanovsky Memorial Tournament (Ukrainian: Міжнародний Турнір Пам'яті Валерія Лобановського). This tournament was created in honour and memory of Valeri Lobanovsky since his death on 13 May 2002, hence the name Memorial. The idea was initiated by the FC Dynamo Kyiv management and the tournament is played at the V.V. Lobanovsky Dynamo Stadium in Kiev, Ukraine.

The tournament recently[when?] gained FIFA recognition and support.

General rules[edit]

Since 2005, the tournament participants are a group of four selected national teams. From 2006 the tournament participants have been the Under-21 National Teams. The teams start-off in semifinals and the winners go on to play in the final; the other two teams play for the 3rd place.

In 2009 two games of the tournament were played at Boreks Stadium, Borodianka in Kiev Oblast.[1]

In 2011 two games of the U-21 international tournament were played at Obolon Arena.[2]

In 2012 two games of the tournament were played at Bannikov Stadium.[3]

Champions and top goalscorers[edit]

Season Champion Runner-Up Third Fourth Top Goalscorer
2003 Ukraine Dynamo Kyiv Ukraine Shakhtar Donetsk Russia CSKA Moscow Russia Lokomotiv Moscow Brazil Diogo Rincón (Dynamo Kyiv) 2 goals
2004 Ukraine Dynamo Kyiv Moldova Sheriff Tiraspol Latvia Skonto Riga Georgia (country) Dinamo Tbilisi Uzbekistan Maksim Shatskikh (Dynamo Kyiv) 2 goals
2005 Poland Poland Israel Israel Ukraine Ukraine Serbia and Montenegro Serbia and Montenegro Poland Grzegorz Rasiak (Poland) 3 goals
2006 Israel Israel U-21 Belarus Belarus U-21 Ukraine Ukraine U-21 Moldova Moldova U-21 Belarus Kiril Pavlyuchek (Belarus) 3 goals
2007 Israel Israel U-21 Serbia Serbia U-21 Ukraine Ukraine U-21 Moldova Moldova U-21
2008 Poland Poland U-21 Bulgaria Bulgaria U-21 Ukraine Ukraine U-21 Northern Ireland Northern Ireland U-21 Poland Marcin Wodecki (Poland U-21)
Ukraine Serhiy Kravchenko (Ukraine U-21) 2 goals
2009 Ukraine Ukraine U-21 Turkey Turkey U-21 Germany Germany U-21 Iran Iran U-21
2010 Russia Russia U-20 Iran Iran U-20 Ukraine Ukraine U-20 Turkey Turkey U-20
2011 Uzbekistan Uzbekistan U-23 Ukraine Ukraine U-21 Serbia Serbia U-21 Israel Israel U-21
2012[4] Slovakia Slovakia U-21 Montenegro Montenegro U-20 Ukraine Ukraine U-20 Belarus Belarus U-20
2013[5] Austria Austria U-21 Ukraine Ukraine U-21 Czech Republic Czech Republic U-21 Slovenia Slovenia U-21
2014 Initially scheduled to take place in Donetsk, but due to War in Donbass it was suspended and transferred to Kiev before cancelled completely after withdrawal of the Iran U-21.
2015 Slovenia Slovenia U-21 Ukraine Ukraine U-21 Greece Greece U-21 Moldova Moldova U-21


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