Valerian Safonovich

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Valerian Safonovich
Governor of Oryol
In office
6 March 1854 – 3 March 1861
MonarchsNicholas I
Alexander II
Personal details
Podolia Governorate, Russian Empire
Died(1867-04-08)8 April 1867
Oryol, Russian Empire
Spouse(s)1) Polyxena Mosyagina
2) Maria Gasparini

Valerian Ivanovich Safonovich (Russian: Валерья́н Ива́нович Сафоно́вич; 1798, Podolia Governorate — 8 April 1867, Oryol) — was a Russian statesman and politician who served as ruler of Oryol Governorate from 1854 to 1861.

Educated in Moscow University. Worked in the Ministry of the Interior in 1842—1854.

After Nikolay Krusenstern’s transmission from Oryol to Odessa in 1854, Safonovich was appointed ruler of Oryol Governorate (governor). In 1861 he retired from the service.


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