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Valerie Hoffman (aka Valerie Howlett-Hoffman and Valerie Howlett)[1] is an American film and television producer.[2][3]


According to her official biography on the Canyon Entertainment website, she began her career at a CBS affiliate in Providence, Rhode Island, and received a degree in Business Management from Stonehill College.[4] She moved to Los Angeles, California to begin work in the film industry and started as a production assistant on an independent film before moving to Production Coordinator for many of her next projects, working on both studio and independent projects.[4]


Under her various names,[1] she has worked on numerous films as either a Production Manager, Line Producer, or Film Producer.[2] Her film credits include the Las Vegas portion of Get Carter, the Las Vegas portion of 3000 Miles to Graceland, Jeepers Creepers, Knockout, Nice Guys Sleep Alone, and Say it in Russian.[2] She also co-produced the films The Woodsman,[5] Shadowboxer[6] and Tennessee.[7]


Ben Kingsley announced SBK-Pictures with producing partners Simone Sheffield and Valerie Hoffman as readying six projects and currently producing a film on the Native American Conley Sisters title Whispers Like Thunder, to be released in 2009.[8] Kingsley will be playing the role of Charles Curtis, the first and only Native American to become vice-president of the United States.[8]


Years Films Position Status
2008 Tennessee Co-producer
2007 Say it in Russian Line Producer
2005 Shadowboxer Co-producer
2004 The Woodsman Co-producer
2001 Soulkeeper Unit Production Manager
2001 Jeeper Creepers Production Supervisor
2001 3000 Miles to Graceland Production Supervisor
2000 Get Carter Production Supervisor
2000 Knockout[9] Unit Production Manager & Line Produced (uncredited)
2000 Looking For Lola Unit Production Manager
1998 Nice Guys Sleep Alone Production Manager
1998 The Next Tenant production coordinator
1997 Little Cobras: Operation Dalmatian Unit Production Manager
1997 Acts of Betrayal Production Coordinator
1997 Changing Gears[10] Line Producer
1997 Mars Production Coordinator
1997 Dead Tides Production Coordinator
1995 Blood Justice Production Coordinator


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