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Valerie Randle
United Kingdom
OccupationScientist, educator
EducationCardiff University
GenreAcademic and Fiction
SubjectMaterial Science
Notable awardsRosenhain Medal

Valerie Randle is a materials engineer who specialised in electron backscatter diffraction, grain boundary engineering,[1] and has written a number of text books on the subject[2][3] She was Welsh Woman of the Year in 1998 and in the same year was awarded the Rosenhain Award[4] for achievements in Materials Science by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.[5] In 2004 she was invited as a guest of HM the Queen to a luncheon at Buckingham Palace for the 'top 180 female achievers in the country'.[6] From 2008 she has been included in Who's Who.[7] as part of increasing public recognition of scientists. She has made significant contributions in the field of materials engineering with over 150 indexed publications in the field.[8]


Randle entered Cardiff University at the age of 27 to study chemistry, and found that the metallurgy module sparked her interest in materials. She then did a PhD and eventually was awarded a Royal Society Research Fellowship which took her to Swansea University in 1992.

In 1999, she was made a professor in the Department of Metals Engineering,[9] working within the field of microstructure of materials at Swansea University. Randle became Head of the Materials Research Centre in 2007–2009. She has published some 370 research papers and five textbooks, and given many invited lectures all over the world.

After twenty-five years at Swansea University, she retired in 2013.

Personal life[edit]

Valerie Randle was born in 1953 and has lived in Wales since she moved there when she was eighteen.[10] Randle left school when was sixteen, got married at eighteen and had two children by the age of twenty.

In 2013, at age sixty, she chose to take early retirement because she wanted to concentrate on new and different aspects of her life. She has five grandchildren and enjoys spending time with them, plus writing a novel, singing, volunteering with Cruse Bereavement Care, studying Spanish, walking, swimming and meditation. Her first novel, The April Letters, was published in 2016.[10]


  • The Measurement of Grain Boundary Geometry (Microscopy in Materials Science), 1993.
  • Grain Boundary Geometry in Polycrystals, 1993.
  • Atlas of Backscattering Kikuchi Diffraction Patterns, 1994.
  • The Role of the Coincidence Site Lattice in Grain Boundary Engineering, 1996.
  • Introduction to Texture Analysis: Macrotexture, Microtexture and Orientation Mapping, 2000, 2nd edn 2009.
  • Microtexture Determination and its Applications, 1992, 2nd edn 2003.


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