Jeanne Hines

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Jeanne Hines
Born 1922 (age 94–95)
West Virginia, United States
Pen name Jeanne Hines,
Valerie Sherwood,
Rosamond Royal
Occupation Novelist
Nationality American
Period 1973 - 1991
Genre Gothic fiction, Romance

Jeanne Hines (born 1922 in West Virginia) is an American writer of gothic novels as her real name and romance novels as Valerie Sherwood and Rosamond Royal.[1]


Jeanne Hines was born in Moorefield, West Virginia, the daughter of Llewellyn Brown McNeill and Bess Heiskell McNeil. She grew up in a traditional family, but dreamed of doing something more than marrying and becoming a housewife. She married in 1943 Edward Thomas Hines (March 2, 1914 - Dec. 8, 2001) and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, but she was writing while she traveled with her husband between their five mansions along the East Coast.[2]

She worked as a reporter and fashion magazine illustrator before turning to fiction and becoming a novelist. Published since 1973, she penned gothic novels under her real name and romance novels as Valerie Sherwood and Rosamond Royal until 1991. She won the Romantic Times 1987-1988 Career Achievement Award in the category of "historical adventure".[3]

When author Chris Marie Green (aka Crystal Green), was 19, she wrote a fan letter to Hines, and the historical author answered the gushing missive and inspired her to write her first romance. [4]


As Jeanne Hines[edit]

Single novels[edit]

  • The Slashed Portrait, 1973
  • Tidehawks, 1974
  • Talons of the Hawk, 1975
  • Bride of Terror, 1976
  • Scarecrow House, 1976
  • The Legend of Witchwynd, 1976
  • The Keys to Queenscourt, 1976
  • The Third Wife, 1977

As Valerie Sherwood[edit]

Single novels[edit]

  • This Loving Torment, August 1977
  • These Golden Pleasures, November 1977
  • Lovely Lying Lips, December 1983
  • Born to Love, June 1984
  • To Love a Rouge, October 1987 rogue not rouge
  • Her Crowning Glory, 1988
  • Lisbon, September 1989

Angel Series[edit]

  1. This Towering Passion, November 1978
  2. Her Shining Splendor, July 1980
  3. The Mistress, 1991

Love Series[edit]

  1. Bold Breathless Love, August 1981
  2. Rash Reckless love, June 1982
  3. Wild Willful Love, October 1982
  4. Rich Radiant Love, June 1983

Song Series[edit]

  1. Lovesong, September 1985
  2. Windsong, March 1986
  3. Nightsong, September 1986

As Rosamond Royal[edit]

  • Rapture, 1979

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