Valerio Cioli

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Valerio Cioli (or Cigoli or Giogoli) (1529–1599) was an Italian sculptor


His most famous work is the Fontana del Bacchino in the Giardino di Boboli, near the entrance to piazza Pitti in Florence. It shows a dwarf at the court of Cosimo I, ironically nicknamed Morgante (the giant of the poem Morgante by Luigi Pulci), portrayed nuded and sitting on a tortoise like a drunken Bacchus. Two more of Cioli's works (collaborations with Giovanni Simone Cioli) are to be found in the giardino di Boboli - the Uomo che vanga (digging man) and the Uomo che scarica il secchio in un tino (man emptying a bucket into a vat).

Other works of his include a Satyr with a flask in the Museo del Bargello and sculptures of personifications of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture on the tomb of Michelangelo Buonarroti in the basilica of Santa Croce.