Valerius Maximus Basilius

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Valerius Maximus Basilius (c. 330 – aft. 364) was a Proconsul of Achaea and a Praefectus Urbi Romae between AD 361 and 363.[1]

He was the son of Lucius Valerius Maximus Basilius and second wife Vulcacia. He married Saint Melania the Elder or Maior, one of the wealthiest citizens of the empire, born in Hispania, when she was fourteen, and they lived in the suburbs of Rome. When his wife was twenty-two, he and two of their three sons died of disease; Melania moved to Rome with their remaining son, and she became a Christian.

Valerius Maximus Basilius's surviving son, Valerius Publicola (or Poplicola), married Caeionia Albina (born ca. 368), the daughter of Caeionius Rufius Albinus. Their daughter became Saint Melania the Younger or Minor.[citation needed]


  1. ^ Lucius Valerius Poplicola Balbinus Maximus was the seventh great-grandson of Valeria Messalla (Claudia Marcella Minor's daughter), which made him a descendant of Octavia the Younger.
  2. ^ Pomponia Bassa was the daughter of Pomponius Bassus, granddaughter of Annia Aurelia Faustina, great-granddaughter of Tiberius Claudius Severus Proculus, great-great-granddaughter of Annia Aurelia Galeria Faustina and great-great-great-granddaughter of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius.


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