Valet Girls

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Valet Girls
Poster of the movie Valet Girls.jpg
Directed by Rafal Zielinski
Produced by Debra Dion
Dennis Murphy
Written by Clark Carlton
Starring Meri Marshall
April Stewart
Mary Kohnert
Jack DeLeon
Jon Sharp
Michael Karm
Steven Lyon
Randy Vasquez
Stuart Fratkin
Tony Cox
Music by Bob Parr
Cinematography Nicholas Josef von Sternberg
Edited by Akiko B. Metz
Distributed by Empire International Pictures
Vestron Video
Release date
  • January 1987 (1987-01)
Running time
82 min.
Country United States
Language English

Valet Girls is a 1987 American comedy film about three women in L.A. who are working as valet girls while trying to get started in the entertainment industry. The film was directed by Rafal Zielinski, written by Clark Carlton, produced by Lexyn Productions; and was distributed by Empire International Pictures and Vestron Video.


The story revolves around Lucy (Meri Marshall), who wants to be a rock star, Rosalind (April Stewart), a brain pretending to be a bimbo, and Carnation (Mary Kohnert), who wants to be an actress. These three girls get a job parking cars for a big movie star named Dirk Zebra (Jack DeLeon) who throws regular house parties so that he and his fellow actor Lindsey Brawnsworth (Jon Sharp) and a record producer, Alvin Sunday (Michael Karm) can attract and seduce aspiring starlets.

Between parking cars, the three girls have to dodge the amorous attention of the party-goers while Lucy and Carnation try to get influential people to pay attention to their musical and acting talents. The party is sabotaged by members of a competing valet company (played by Steven Lyon, Randy Vasquez, and Stuart Fratkin) and the girls are blamed and fired. With the help of Dirk Zebra's wife Tina (Patricia Scott Michel) and Carnation's boyfriend Archie Lee (John Terlesky) the valet girls humiliate Dirk Zebra, Lindsey Brawnsworth, and the members of the other valet company.

Tony Cox appears as Lucy's friend and manager, Sammy. Ron Jeremy also made an appearance in an uncredited, minor roles.

Home media release[edit]

Valet Girls was released on VHS by Lions Gate on April 15, 1987.

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