Valeurs actuelles

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Valeurs actuelles
Categories Newsmagazine
Frequency Weekly
Circulation 116,126 (2015)
Founder Raymond Bourgine
Year founded 1966; 51 years ago (1966)
Company Valmonde
Country France
Based in Paris
Language French
ISSN 0049-5794

Valeurs actuelles is a French conservative weekly news magazine published in Paris, France.[1]


Valeurs actuelles was founded in 1966[2] by Raymond Bourgine as an offspring of the weekly Finances, a stock market information review. The magazine gradually became an opinion and generalist publication with a liberal-conservative tendency. In 1971 Valeurs actuelles was relaunched.[3] The magazine is published on a weekly basis.[2][4]

Formerly owned by Socpresse the magazine has been owned by Valmonde, a subsidiary of Sud Communication.[4] The company is owned by Pierre Fabre,[4] who founded Laboratoires Pierre Fabre.[5]

The main articles of the magazine are the editorial, written by François d'Orcival; the lettre de M. de Rastignac ("Rastignac's letter"), a humour piece about French politics that comments on present politicians by calling them by names of supporting characters from Balzac's works. The magazine has a right-wing stance.[6]


Valeurs actuelles is mostly distributed to subscribers. Its circulation in 1981 was 113,000 copies.[7] The estimated circulation of the magazine was 90,000 copies in 1988.[8] The magazine sold 116,126 copies in France in 2015.[9]


Major contributors to the magazine include the following:[10]


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