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Valhalla Brewery, 2012

The Valhalla Brewery in Unst, Shetland, Scotland, was the northernmost brewery in the United Kingdom.[1] It was opened by the husband and wife team Sonny and Silvia Priest in December 1997, and originally based in a large shed in Baltasound, in the centre of Unst. In 2012 the brewery moved to a building at the former RAF Saxa Vord radar station, near Haroldswick. This larger premises allowed the brewery to double production to 144,000 litres a year.[2]

Valhalla Brewery, 2010

The Brewery was named after Valhalla, the Hall of the Norse god Odin, where all fallen Viking warriors are met with a horn filled with good ale. It brewed 6 different types of beers, the first was the "Auld Rock", a dark ale brewed with malt and hops. The other types are Simmer Dim, Sjolmet Stout, White Wife, Old Scatness and the newest one Island Bere brewed from bere barley.[3] The brewery closed in spring 2017 due to the ill-health of the owners.

In 2018, the brewery was opened under new management in the former Olnafirth Primary School, Voe.[4][5]


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