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Validation can be total or partial validation of foreign university and non-university studies and degrees.

European Union[edit]

Mutual recognition of professional qualifications[edit]

Mutual recognition of professional qualifications is regulated by European Union directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 September 2005 on the recognition of professional qualifications,[1] modified by Council Directive 2006/100/EC.[2]


  1. The competent authority of the host Member State shall acknowledge receipt of the application within one month of receipt and inform the applicant of any missing document.
  2. The procedure for examining an application for authorisation to practise a regulated profession must be completed as quickly as possible and lead to a duly substantiated decision by the competent authority in the host Member State in any case within three months after the date on which the applicant's complete file was submitted. However, this deadline may be extended by one month in certain cases.
  3. The decision, or failure to reach a decision within the deadline, shall be subject to appeal under national law.


The total validation of foreign university studies and degrees in the Spanish system consists of a complete recognition of said studies and degrees in that system. The Spanish Ministry of Education and Science is in charge of the procedure.

The academic degrees, diplomas or certificates on pharmaceutical or medical specialities which were obtained in a foreign country and which qualify the applicant in order to carry out the relevant professions in those countries can be validated as their official equivalents in the Spanish system.

The Ministry of Education and Science is only responsible for the total validation of a foreign university degree for its Spanish equivalent. Any other applications for the partial validation of studies carried out in a foreign country in order to pursue a university study course in Spain must be submitted to the Spanish university itself.


The Norwegian governmental authority for accreditation of foreign education of Norwegian citizens and foreigners, NOKUT, has sole power in these matters.

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