Valis II

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Valis II
Valis II Cover.png
MSX cover art
Developer(s) Telenet Japan
I.S.C. (MD)
Composer(s) Tenpei Sato
Series Valis
Platform(s) PC-8801, MSX, PC-9801, PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 (CD-ROM²/TurboGrafx-CD), Playstation 3 (PC Engine Classics)X68000
Release date(s) MSX
  • JP August 9, 1989
  • JP June 23, 1989
  • NA 1990
  • JP November 23, 1989
Mega Drive/Sega Genesis
  • JP February 14, 1992
  • NA 1992
PlayStation 3
  • JP March 17, 2011
Genre(s) Action, Adventure
Mode(s) Single-player

Valis: The Fantasm Soldier II (夢幻戦士 ヴァリスⅡ Mugen Senshi: Varisu Tsū?), which had a remake done with super deformed characters and released as SD Valis (SDヴァリス Esu Dī Varisu?) on the Japanese Mega Drive and Syd of Valis – a translation mistake as SD means super deformed – on the North American Sega Genesis, is the second title in the Mugen Senshi Valis video game series. Like its predecessor, it is an action platformer.


Time passes since the events of Valis and Vecanti is set to rule under its next emperor after Rogles. This new emperor, Megas, wishes to stamp out any trace of the former tyrant, to the point of murdering any supporters Rogles might have had. Furthermore, his bloodthirsty tendencies recognize Yūko and the Valis sword as viable threats to his claim of the throne, and he targets his minions to eliminate her first before she has the chance to thwart him.


Like the other titles of the series, Valis II requires the player to navigate through two-dimensional levels, battling enemies, jumping from ledge to ledge, and running until you face a boss character at the end of each level.

Version History[edit]

The original version of Valis II was released on the PC-88, PC-98, and MSX in August 1989. Later that year it was ported to the Sharp X68000 as well. Both of these releases were Japan-only.

An updated version of the game with enhanced graphics and anime cutscenes was released for the PC Engine CD-ROM² in Japan and for the TurboGrafx-CD in North America.

As mentioned above, another port of the game was released for the Sega Mega Drive in Japan (as SD Valis) and for the Sega Genesis in North America (as Syd of Valis). This title featured the same gameplay and plot as the original, but the character design was changed to a super deformed format. The North American version of the game incorrectly identifies Yūko as "Syd", and also reuses for the front cover the boxart of Naritore the Sugoroku '92.