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Valkyre Live MFVF5.jpg
Valkyre performing at Metal Female Voices Fest (Wieze,Belgium) in 2007.
Background information
Origin Belgium
Genres Symphonic metal, gothic metal
Years active 2005-present
Members Kristell Lowagie
Kris Scheerlinck
Gert de Groot
Fred Stiens
Gaelle Pruvost
Matijs Vandenberghe
Cid Jimenez Guisado
Past members Mieke Diependaele

Valkyre is a Belgian-based female-fronted symphonic-gothic metal band founded by guitarist Kris Scheerlinck subsequent to his departure from Sengir.


Valkyre' was formed at the end of 2004 and the beginning of 2005 by Kris Scheerlinck after leaving his former band Sengir. The band consists of different well-trained musicians coming from different styles of music but with the same common interest: melodic atmospheric metal.

Only a few months after the first gigs the band decided in the autumn of 2005 to record a demo at the Excess studio in the Netherlands with Hans Pieters known for his work with After Forever, Epica and Gorefest. This demo is for sale since the spring of 2006 and resulted in excellent sales worldwide and successful concerts through Benelux, France and Italy.

In 2007 the band hired Cid Jimenez as the new violin player to replace Joris Derder, who left because of a shortage of time due to his professional musical career. He still supports the band today with the Ghent University Choir.

In September 2007 the band recorded its second demo Consolamentum, at the Excess studio. The demo was first released at the Metal Female Voices Fest in October 2007 and was immediately sold out. In November 2007 lead singer Mieke Diependael decided she wanted to give another direction to her life. Mieke's last concert was the Darkfest in Italie in feb08.

In March 2008 Valkyre welcomed Kristell Lowagie (ex-Skeptical Minds) as new lead singer, but she left the band in January 2009.


Valkyre's style can be described as a mixture of gothic metal,classical music, folk music and melodic metal.


Past members[edit]

Session members[edit]

  • Marcel van Montfort: (arrangements/choir/guest vocals)
  • Joris Derder: (arrangements/choir/guest vocals/violin)
  • Johan de Clus: (hurdy-gurdy/bag pipes/tin whistle)



  • 2006 - On Both Sides We Pray


  • 2007 - Consolamentum


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