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Vallabhapuram is a shrine of Lord Sri Pada Sri Vallabha, and is located in Telangana, India. This temple was built and organised by Guru Sri Vittalananda Saraswathi Maharaj (also known as Sri Vital Baba Ji), and he runs the ashram. There are temples relevant to the gods "Dattatreya Swamy", "Kala Bhairava" and "Gayatri Mata".

The shrine is on the bank of the Krishna River, close to the border of Andhra Pradesh. On the opposite bank of the river lies Kurvapur, a place in Karnataka state where Lord Sri Pada Sri Vallabha used to meditate under a banyan tree.

Sri Vallabha[edit]

Sri Vallabha is the first and foremost incarnation (avatar) of jagad guru Sri Dattatreya. This took place in 1320 AD at Srikshetra Pthapuram. Sri Vallabha is most powerful and capable in destroying the difficulties, losses, miseries and obstacles occurring in the developments of his dedicated devotees. The aim of Sripada Srivallabha's incarnation is to bless maha siddhas, maha yogis and to uplift dharma through them in the universe.

Sri Vallabha was born in the early hours of Ganesh Chathurdhi in 'Chitra' star, in Simha (Leo) Lagna and Tula (Libra) raasi. As an incarnation of Sree Datta, his feet were marked with all auspicious features, and he bears a worthy name as Sri Vallabha. It was further noted that his horoscope should not be given to anyone and that it will reach in course of time through Akshya Kumar of Tripura belonging to Jainism. All that would happen according to divine plan and it would reach Pithapuram as a part of divine play. When Sri Vallabha was born, a cobra with three hoods was holding its hoods as an umbrella wherever he was kept for eighteen days.

Sri Pada Sri Vallabha came out of the mother's womb as a dazzling illumination (Jyothi). Sow Sumati Maharani fainted immediately after he was born. Auspicious musical notes from musical instruments were heard from the labour room. After some time an invisible voice (aakasha vani)warned all people to leave the room. Four vedas, eighteen puraanas, great persons arrived in the shape of brilliant lights to Great Sreepada. Sacred vedic mantras were heard outside the room. Silence spread after some time.Sreepada Sree vallabha the first dattavataar or incarnation of sri dattaguru was now born in pithapuram and would save the world with his shakti sri Anagha Laxmi.

How to reach Vallabhapuram[edit]

Vallabhapuram bears a pin code 509208 and is approximately 85 km from Mahbubnagar (the district headquarters) and approximately 190 km from Hyderabad (the state capital).

Mahbubnagar can be reached either by road or train from many places in Andhra Pradesh. Travelling to the shrine from Mahbubnagar involves taking the Raichur bus as far as Makthal (about 70 km), then taking the Anukonda bus from Makthal as far as Vallabhapuram (15 km).

Accommodation is available at Vallabhapuram, and food and beverages are provided by the Vallabhapuram ashram.

How to reach Kurvapur[edit]

Raichur Station is the nearest destination. Visitors should get off the train at Raichur Station and then go to the bus stand, from which they should board a bus to Atmakur. There are only two buses available from Raichur, at 7:30am and at 11am. From Atmakur the journey continues by bullock cart and boat to reach Kuravpur Temple. Important trains coming to Raichur include:

  • 16011 CSTMumbai-Chennai(Madras) 14.00pm
  • 11081 Kanyakumari 3.35pm
  • 12163 Dadar-Chennai Express 8.20pm

No accommodation is available at Kurvapur temple.

Places and incarnations of Lord Duttatreya[edit]

Other incarnations are at:

  1. Sri pada sri vallabha swamy = Pithapuram, Kuruvapur
  2. Narasimha saraswati swamy = KAranja, Narsobawadi, Audumbarwadi, Ganagapur, Srisailam, Kadali vanam
  3. Amrapur
  4. Aahobilyam

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