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Valle Alto [ˈbaʎe ˈalto] is an exclusive suburb in the metropolitan city of Monterrey, the capital city of the northeastern Mexican state of Nuevo León. Also tied economically speaking with San Pedro Garza García, the city is a modern business center. The suburb of Valle Alto has population of 75,000, within a city of 4.1 million. The entire suburb as well as San Pedro area have the highest GDP per capita of all metropolitan areas in Mexico, and in Latin America, and it has been ranked as the most secure in the region.[1]

About it[edit]

Valle Alto is the most exclusive community within the city of Monterrey. It's one of the highest income communities in Mexico with at least 3,500 households.[2] Valle Alto has strict design restrictions. Many streets and avenues within the sector outside of the downtown area are lined with landscaping; on side streets the landscaping of individual properties provides ambient decor. Very few homes are visible from the road. It also hosts various different important private schools such as: Instituto San Roberto Campus Valle Alto, Prepa UdeM Campus Valle Alto and Prepa Tec Campus Valle Alto.

Notable Places[edit]

  • Club Hipico Monterrey
  • San Gabriel
  • Las Estancias
  • Parque La Estanzuela
  • Club de golf Valle Alto
  • Sierra Alta
  • Lagos del Vergel


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Coordinates: 25°34′N 100°15′W / 25.567°N 100.250°W / 25.567; -100.250