Valle Department

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Location of Valle department

Valle is one of the 18 departments into which the Central American nation of Honduras is divided.

The departmental capital is Nacaome. The department faces the Gulf of Fonseca and contains mangrove swamps; inland, it is very hot and dry.

The department covers a total surface area of 1,565 km² and, in 2005, had an estimated population of 160,346 people.

Valle Department was organized in 1893.


  1. Alianza
  2. Amapala
  3. Aramecina
  4. Caridad
  5. Goascorán
  6. Langue
  7. Nacaome
  8. San Francisco de Coray
  9. San Lorenzo

Coordinates: 13°32′N 87°29′W / 13.533°N 87.483°W / 13.533; -87.483