Valle Grana

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Grana Valley
Valle Grana
Caraglio bassavallegrana monviso veduta.jpg
The lowest part of the valley
Valgranaposizione EN.png
Location of the valley in Piedmont, NW Italy
Location Province of Cuneo, Piedmont, Italy
Floor elevation 600–2,647 m (1,969–8,684 ft)
Long-axis direction west east
Long-axis length around 25 km (16 mi)
Type River valley
Coordinates 44°24′36″N 7°18′00″E / 44.41000°N 7.30000°E / 44.41000; 7.30000Coordinates: 44°24′36″N 7°18′00″E / 44.41000°N 7.30000°E / 44.41000; 7.30000

The Valle Grana is a valley in the province of Cuneo, Piedmont, northern Italy.


The valley takes it name form the Grana stream, a left-hand tributary of the Maira which flows through the valley.


It is located between the Val Maira from the north and the Valle Stura di Demonte on the south. Starting from Caraglio, in the plain, it has a length of some 24 km until the Colle Fauniera (also known as Colle dei Morti), at 2,511 m.

Other comuni in the valley include Valgrana, Monterosso Grana, Pradleves and Castelmagno. In the latter's territory is the Sanctuary of San Magno, a notable religious building at 1,761 m of altitude. The highest peak is the Monte Tibert (2,647 m).

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