Valley Christian Academy (Osler, Saskatchewan)

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Coordinates: 52°21′41″N 106°33′14″W / 52.361299°N 106.553854°W / 52.361299; -106.553854 Valley Christian Academy (VCA) is a semi-private Christian school located near the town of Osler, Saskatchewan. The School is part of the Prairie Spirit School Division.[1] It encompasses grades K–6 (elementary school), and 7–12 (high school).


VCA was founded in 1986, by the Bergthaler Mennonite Church in the nearby town of Warman, Saskatchewan.


VCA complies to the provincial curriculum, with modifications made when necessary to maintain a Christian perspective. An example of this is replacing material on the Theory of Evolution with material on the Creation Theory. In addition to the provincial curriculum, VCA offers Christian Ethics as a mandatory class for all grade levels. [1]


The school also only hires Christian Staff members.


While the school is funded by the provincial government of Saskatchewan, students are also required to pay tuition fees according to how many siblings they have that attend the school:[2]

Child Members of Bergthaler Mennonite Church Non-Members of Bergthaler Mennonite Church
1st Child $105 $115
2nd Child $75 $85
3rd Child $65 $75
4th Child $45 $55
  • Students in Kindergarten pay half of whatever category they fall under.


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