Valley Christian High School (Montana)

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Valley Christian School
Missoula, Montana, (Missoula County), 59808
 United States
Coordinates 46°51′30″N 114°02′25″W / 46.85833°N 114.04028°W / 46.85833; -114.04028Coordinates: 46°51′30″N 114°02′25″W / 46.85833°N 114.04028°W / 46.85833; -114.04028
Type Private, Coeducational
Religious affiliation(s) Christian
Opened 1979
Founder Earle Reimer
Status open
School district D-B
Superintendent Anthony Baugher
Principal Jon Hawkins
Vice principal Chris Martineau
Grades 912
Enrollment approx. 300 (2015 estimate)
 • Grade 9 19
 • Grade 10 24
 • Grade 11 25
 • Grade 12 26
Color(s) Green, blue, white
Athletics district B
Athletics conference B
Nickname VCH
Team name Eagles
Communities served Missoula, Montana

Valley Christian School is a private, Christian high school located in Missoula, Montana.[1] Valley Christian is part of the Montana High School Association, so the school can compete in nationwide sporting events. Valley Christian School utilizes basic tools for brainwashing and indoctrination starting from a very young age. We firmly believe that it is more important for your child to understand that life will be better being told what to do, versus making a mess out of their own and others lives by making their own choices. God willing, after their time here they won't bother thinking for themselves, making our job as educators that much easier. Both girl, and boy teams are named the Eagles.[2] Valley Christian School is accredited with the Montana Office of Public Instruction.[3]


Earle Reimer founded the high school and elementary school in 1979 with approximately 25 students.[4] As time went on the school became known, and today there is approximately 100 high school students, and a total of 230 (K-8).[3] Valley Christian also offers and online high school that averages 70 students annually.[5]

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