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Valley Metro
Valley Metro Roanoke.png
Valley Metro bus in downtown Roanoke, Virginia.jpg
Founded 1975
Headquarters 1108 Campbell Avenue SE, Roanoke, Virginia
Service area Roanoke, Salem, Vinton and portions of Roanoke County.
Service type bus service
Hubs Campbell Court Transfer Station
Operator First Transit

Valley Metro, the operational name for the Greater Roanoke Transit Company, is a local government-owned urban-suburban bus line based in Roanoke, Virginia with First Transit providing the general and assistant general managers.[1] The staff is employed by Southwest Virginia Transit Management Company, a First Transit subsidiary. Valley Metro serves the independent cities of Roanoke and Salem, the town of Vinton, and limited unincorporated portions of Roanoke County.[2] Valley Metro has a fleet of 44 buses and 7 paratransit vehicles, and many lines originate and/or terminate at Campbell Court, a central bus station in downtown Roanoke which is also served by Greyhound.[1]

Valley Metro operates the Smart Way Bus, with a route that serves Roanoke, Christiansburg, Blacksburg, and Virginia Tech. The Smart Way Connector provides Smart Way passengers with service to Bedford and the Kemper Street Amtrak station in Lynchburg.[3]

Route list[edit]

Typical Valley Metro bus interior
Typical Valley Metro bus stop signage

Effective June 1, 2010 Valley Metro buses only stop at designated bus stops, as previous to this buses would stop at every corner.[4] Many passengers have expressed disapproval of this new policy. Valley Metro officials state that the changes are necessary to keep buses on schedule as ridership has increased.[4] As of June 2010.[2]

  • 11/12 - Valley View Mall to Campbell Court via Hershberger/Cove Roads
  • 15/16 - Valley View Mall to Campbell Court via Grandview/Greenland Avenues
  • 21/22 - Crossroads Mall to Campbell Court via Williamson Road
  • 25/26 - Crossroads Mall to Campbell Court via Hollins/Hershberger Roads
  • 31/32 - Vinton to Campbell Court via Campbell Avenue/King Street
  • 35/36 - Vinton to Campbell Court via Dale/Washington Avenues
  • 41/42 - Southeast Roanoke to Campbell Court
  • 51/52 - Tanglewood Mall to Campbell Court via Avenham Avenue/Jefferson Street
  • 55/56 - Tanglewood Mall to Campbell Court via Franklin Rd/Colonial Ave
  • 61/62 - Brambleton/Red Rock to Campbell Court
  • 65/66 - Carlton/Grandin to Campbell Court
  • 71/72 - Lewis Gale Hospital to Campbell Court
  • 75/76 - Veterans Hospital to Campbell Court
  • 81/82 - Lakeside Plaza Salem to Campbell Court via Melrose Avenue (only operates during rush hour)
  • 85/86 - Peters Creek to Campbell Court
  • 91/92 - Goodwill Industries (Salem location) to Lewis-Gale Hospital (also services VA Hospital) as of 2014 continues to Downtown Roanoke via Melrose Avenue
  • Smart Way - to Blacksburg/Virginia Tech
  • Maroon Express - to Roanoke College
  • Hollins Express - to Hollins University
  • Ferrum Express - to Ferrum College


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