Valley Ranch, Irving, Texas

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Valley Ranch is a planned unit development[timeframe?] in the Dallas, Texas suburb of Irving.

The name comes from the fact that the land it is sited on was formerly a working ranch and is located below a large ridge, and thus resembles a valley. The area lies in the Trinity River floodplain; however, an extensive levee system on its eastern side separates the river from land, thus making it desirable for development. In order to maintain flood control and to provide recreation facilities for residents, Valley Ranch has many winding canals with walkways throughout.

Valley Ranch formerly hosted the practice facilities of the Dallas Cowboys football team, who moved to Frisco, Texas, in 2016, and the Dallas Stars hockey team, who have also since moved to Frisco.

A large number of Asian Indians live in Valley Ranch and as a result, there are many Indian grocery stores with locations in Valley Ranch including Patel Brothers Farmers Market and Subzi Mandi Farmers Market. India Bazaar, a local Indian grocery chain based in Plano, Texas, has a store in Valley Ranch that is open 24/7.[1][2]


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Coordinates: 32°55′42″N 96°57′06″W / 32.928324°N 96.951721°W / 32.928324; -96.951721