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Valli rajini.jpg
Directed by K. Natraj
Produced by Rajinikanth
Written by Rajinikanth
Starring Rajinikanth
Priya Raman
Music by Ilaiyaraja
Cinematography Ajayan Vincent
Edited by Ganesh Kumar
Distributed by Rajini Arts
Release date
20 August 1993
Country India
Language Tamil

Valli is an Indian 1993 Tamil Drama film directed by K. Natraj, written and produced by Rajinikanth, who also stars in extended guest lead role. It stars Hariraj and Priya Raman as the main leads, with Vadivelu playing the comedian and newcomer Sanjay as the main antagonist. The film's music was composed by Ilayaraja. This movie was dubbed into Telugu as Vijaya. Rajinikanth scripted the film, wrote the dialogues and appeared in an extended guest role from start till the end.


Valli (Priya Raman) returns to her village after studying for 15 years in Madras. Her cousin Harihar celebrates her arrival back to the village. He was in love with Valli since childhood days, but she has changed after she went to study in the city. She is no more in love with him. She falls in love with a city guy called Shekar (Sanjay) who comes to the village with his friends for hunting. Shekar has sex with her promising to marry her, but cheats her and he escapes to the city. It is then found out that he is the only son of the chief minister of the state. Later, after wide-spread protests Shekar is brought back by her cousin. Instead of marrying the city guy she kills him for cheating her. She is put in jail for 10 years. Finally when she returns home, she finds her wedding hall ready with pomp and fun for her marriage with her cousin. Her marriage is arranged by Veeraiya Valliyappan (Rajinikanth) and Shiva (Vadivelu), who know her terrible past. She thanks them for wholeheartedly helping her.



K. Natraj, Rajinikanth's friend from university who earlier directed Anbulla Rajinikanth was approached by Rajini to take part as an assistant director in Annamalai to which Natraj gladly accepted. Then Rajini approached his friends and announced that he would like to make a film for them. The script of "Valli" was written by Rajini himself. Rajini revealed that the first thing came to his mind while scripting the film was the climax. He imagined that the girl should kill the boy who destroyed her life as opposed to the typical cliche of Tamil films where the raped victim is made to marry the rapist, he also revealed that he had finished writing the screenplay within 7 days.[1] Priyaraman made her debut as heroine while Hariraj and Sanjay were introduced in this film. Rajini was not interested to appear in cameo appearance but with insistence of his friends he accepted to do small role and finished his portions within five days.[2]

Shooting was started in April 1993. The film marked the acting debut of magician Alex as actor. The filming was held at Chalakudi, Pollachi and Red Hills. Hari, director of Saamy and Singam was one of the assistants in this film.[2]


The music composed by Ilaiyaraaja. The song "Ennulle Ennulle" remains one of the popular songs from this film.[3][4]

Track Song Singer(s) Lyrics
1 "Ding Dong" Mano, Latha Rajinikanth Vaali
2 "Enna Enna Kanavu" Ilaiyaraaja
3 "Ennulle Ennulle" Swarnalatha
4 "Ku Ku Koo" Latha Rajinikanth Pulamaipithan
5 "Valli Vara" S. P. Balasubramanyam, S. N. Surendar Vaali


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