Valliance Bank Tower

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Valliance Bank Tower
Equity Tower
General information
Status Complete
Type Office
Location 1601 Northwest Expressway
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
United States
Coordinates 35°31′22″N 97°32′20″W / 35.52278°N 97.53889°W / 35.52278; -97.53889Coordinates: 35°31′22″N 97°32′20″W / 35.52278°N 97.53889°W / 35.52278; -97.53889
Completed 1984
Roof 98 m (322 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 22

Valliance Bank Tower is a skyscraper in the near-northwest Uptown section of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The tower is 98m and has 22 floors. The signature tower is anchor of the Northwest Business District and is the tallest and most prominent building in Oklahoma City outside of downtown.


The tower was originally constructed to be the future home of Penn Square Bank and was partially completed at the time of Penn Square's dissolution.[2]


This bank building was constructed under the direction of the senior officer and board of directors of Penn Square Bank. A local manufacturer acquired this bank's deposits, along with two other failed Oklahoma banks, in the early 1980s. Fourth Financial Corporation of Wichita, Kansas, did due diligence reviews of this bank and obtained copies of architectural materials and commercial real estate appraisals of this bank building in the early 1990s. Fourth Financial Corporation did not elect to purchase this building, which was held by a private investor group.



  • Ackerman McQueen Advertising
  • The Baker Group
  • BITCO Insurance Companies
  • Blake Production Company
  • Dawkins & Gowens, PLLC
  • Eide Bailly, LLP
  • Enercon Services, Inc.
  • FDIC
  • Fairway Energy, LLC
  • MetLife
  • Poe & Associates, Inc.
  • Principal Financial Group
  • Quibids, LLC
  • Rainey Law, LLP
  • Spradling Kennedy & McPhail, LLP
  • Union Standard Insurance Group
  • Valliance Bank

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