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Vallnord (Catalan pronunciation: [ˌbaʎˈnɔrt], locally: [ˌbaʎˈnɔɾt]) is a ski/snowboard resort in the Pyrenees mountains in the country of Andorra, close to the border with Spain at Tor, Pallars.


It encompasses the linked sectors of Pal and Arinsal (the sectors were linked by a cable car, opened in 2005, from the top of the Arinsal sector) and the Ordino-Arcalis sector some kilometres away.

All the separate sectors within Vallnord contain green, blue, red and black rated runs as well as restaurants and ski schools.

Arinsal is particularly popular with British and Irish tourists,[1] while the Arcalis sector is popular with locals at the weekend.[citation needed]


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Coordinates: 42°32′34.01″N 1°29′32.73″E / 42.5427806°N 1.4924250°E / 42.5427806; 1.4924250