Valmeyer Community Unit School District 3

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Valmeyer Community Unit School District 3 is a unified school district centered on the Monroe County Mississippi River village of Valmeyer, Illinois, although it also encompasses residents of the villages of Fults and Maeystown. This south Illinois school district is composed of three schools: Valmeyer Elementary School, which accommodates the grades PK-5; Valmeyer Junior High School, which accommodates grades 6-8; and, lastly, Valmeyer High School, which covers grades 9-12.[1] The current superintendent is Eric Frankford,[2] and the mascot of the school is the pirate, and the school newsletter is called the Pirate Chronicle.[3]

Valmeyer Community Unit School District 3 hosts a variety of afterschool activities, including National Honor Society, Model United Nations, Art Club, Spanish Club, FFA, FEA, Pep Club, pep band, a chorus and concert band.[4]

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