Valongo Observatory

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Valongo Observatory
Observatório do Valongo.jpg
Organization Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Location Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Coordinates 22°54′S 43°11′W / 22.9°S 43.19°W / -22.9; -43.19Coordinates: 22°54′S 43°11′W / 22.9°S 43.19°W / -22.9; -43.19
Altitude 14 m (46 ft)
Cooke 0.42 meter Cooke & Sons refractor
Coudé 0.3 meter Zeiss Coudé reflector
Pazos 0.2 meter refractor
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The Valongo Observatory (Observatório do Valongo) is the astronomical observatory of the UFRJ. It is located on the top of the Conceição Hill, an old settlement in the downtown of Rio de Janeiro dating from the first centuries of the colonization of the city. The observatory hosts the Astronomy Undergraduation Course and the Astronomy Graduate School of this university.