Valtellina Casera

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Valtellina Casera
Valtellina Casera DOP.jpg
Country of originItaly
RegionLombardy, Province of Sondrio
Source of milkCows’ milk
CertificationEuropean Union: Protected designation of origin (PDO) 1996 (Reg. CE n.1263/96)[1]
Named afterValtellina, Q3661688[*]
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Valtellina Casera is a cheese made from semi-skimmed cows’ milk in the northern Italian province of Sondrio.[2] Its origins date back to the sixteenth century and it is much used in the cuisine of the Valtellina: particularly in dishes based on buckwheat flour such as pizzoccheri and sciatt (toad(s) in Lombard language).[2]

It has had Protected designation of origin (PDO) status under European Union law since 1996; its production is managed by the Consorzio Tutela Formaggi Valtellina Casera e Bitto and certification is regulated by CSQA of Thiene.[1][3]


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