Valtos Beach

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Valtos Beach

Valtos Beach is a large crescent-shaped beach that is a 20 minute walk northwest of Parga, Greece. The beach is considered one of the longer ones due to its 3 km (1.9 mi) coastline which includes white sand with soft pebbles, spacious areas of greenery, and deep, blue waters. For those who want to explore the beach more, there are many facilities offered to the public, such as jet-skiing, banana boat rides, pedalo boat rides, and places to rent canoes to explore the Ionian Sea (65,251 square miles, 169,000 km2). There are also multiple cafes and taverns scattered around the beach that are open all day as well as small hotels and rooms along the coast that people can rent.

Beautiful Setting[edit]

Even though it's a secluded bay area, Valtos beach's aesthetic is enough to take a person's breath away. As it can be viewed from the peak of a castle hill, the view which it holds is mesmerizing to all who lay eyes upon it. Its rich, blue waters contrast perfectly with the soft, white sand that surrounds the bay, making a sight worth seeing for any tourist. To add to its unyielding beauty, Valtos beach has multicolored houses scattered around the coastline creating yet another spectacular color contrast.

Authentic Food and Drink[edit]

The food offered in hotels and taverns can only be described by tourists as incredible. With a vast selection of authentic Greek seafood to indulge in, it's easy to forget the beach all together. One of the best recommended spots for spectacular food and entertainment is Mango Club. The drink locations offered along the coastline also seem to draw in another great amount of tourists, like the Sugar Bar.


The 'Panagina', a festival held on Panagla Island (about a 2-hour boat ride from the beach), has folk music performances, boat shows, and fireworks. This festival is held on August 14 every year and it lasts till the 15.


Coordinates: 39°17′06″N 20°23′26″E / 39.2849°N 20.3906°E / 39.2849; 20.3906


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