Value Driven

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Value Driven
Studio album by Better Than a Thousand
Released January 17, 1999
Genre Hardcore punk
Label Epitaph Records
Better Than a Thousand chronology
Just One (1997) Value Driven (1999) Discography

Value Driven was the second album by Better Than a Thousand. Recorded at band member Ken Olden's home, Value Driven was released by Cappo's record label, Supersoul in the U.S., Epitaph Records in Europe, and Pinhead Records in South America.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Demand Independence"
  2. "Born To Give"
  3. "Self Worth"
  4. "Poison In Your Brain"
  5. "I'll Not Resist"
  6. "Crisis Of Man"
  7. "Once Again"
  8. "Like The Wind"
  9. "Power Within"
  10. "Transformation"
  11. "We Must Believe"
  12. "Twelve"