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Logo, featuring the CDU's main election slogan from 1976, "Freiheit statt Sozialismus" ("Freedom, not Socialism"), borrowing from the term Free World used during the Cold War to refer to NATO/the West

The Values Union (German: WerteUnion) is a German registered association[1] that considers itself to be a "conservative grassroots movement"[2] within the Christian Democratic Union of Germany and the Christian Social Union in Bavaria, collectively known as the Union.[3] It has been described as Germany's Tea Party.[4] The Values Union is no official party affiliation and its role within the Union parties is highly controversial.[2][3] It was founded in 2017 and has around 4,000 official members.[3] In the 2018 leadership election the Values Union announced its support for Friedrich Merz.[5]


Federal presidency:

Former members:

  • Alexander Mitsch,[8] co-founder and first federal president of Values Union[9]


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