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Valve cover racing is a competitive event similar to the Pinewood derby, but vehicles are made from a valve cover from an internal combustion car engine, rather than of wood blocks, . Valve cover racing is most commonly seen at car shows.


Rules and regulations will change depending on the venue, but the basics remain the same: Competitors must construct a vehicle using a valve cover from a car's engine. Usually it must have four wheels. It can be decorated or modified within the rules set by the organizing body. The valve cover is powered by gravity. In a valve cover race, two or more racing valve covers are placed at the top of a specially constructed incline, which can be straight or curved. They are released at the same time and the first to cross a finish line at the bottom of the incline wins the race. Win lights or timers may be used to more accurately determine the winner of a race. Valve cover racing is often an event for children at car shows, although adult valve cover race events are also seen.

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