Vamos a la playa (Righeira song)

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"Vamos a la playa"
Righeira - Vamos a la playa.jpg
Single by Righeira
from the album Righeira
Released July 1983
Recorded 1983
Genre Italo disco[1]
Length 3:39
Label A&M
  • Carmelo la Bionda
  • Stefano Righi
Producer(s) La Bionda
Righeira singles chronology
"Bianca surf"
"Vamos a la playa"
"No tengo dinero"

"Vamos a la playa" ("Let's go to the beach") is a song recorded by Italian duo Righeira in 1983. The song, whose lyrics are in Spanish, was composed by Stefano Righi together with Carmelo la Bionda.[2] The track was a big hit all over Europe in the summer of 1983. It reached number 53 in the UK Singles Chart.[3]

Meaning of the song[edit]

Due to the meaning of its title and its lighthearted melody, Vamos a la playa has become a summer and holiday anthem in many countries, especially Latin America. However, the song deals with the explosion of a nuclear bomb in the ocean. The people in the song all wear "a sombrero" to prevent the "radioactive wind" from "messing up their hair". The singer states that finally "the sea is clean," and instead of fish there is now "fluorescent water".[4]

Chart performance[edit]