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Vamos vamos Argentina is a very popular chant in Argentina, used by supporters in sports events, mainly in football (soccer) matches of the national team and related celebrations.


In Spanish:

Vamos, vamos Argentina,
vamos, vamos a ganar,
que esta barra quilombera,
no te deja, no te deja de alentar.

English translation:

Let's go, let's go Argentina,
We're going, we're going to win,
for these raucous supporters,
won't stop, won't stop cheering you.

The adjective quilombera used in the third line is a mildly obscene term. In the lunfardo argot, quilombo means brothel; the word is used by Argentines (when profanity is tolerated) to mean "bedlam" or "mess". In this case, quilombera is used to describe the fact that football fans make a lot of noise and usually a mess of throwing confetti when goals are scored. On recordings, or when profanity is not tolerated, quilombera is replaced by bullanguera ("rackety").

This chant unites all of Argentina's supporters regardless of their club allegiance. It had its first heyday during the 1978 World Cup, played in Argentina, and is often the first song attempted by Argentine expatriates when the national team visits a foreign country. Usage has spread to basketball and volleyball teams, but not to the Los Pumas rugby union team (normally they use Yo te daré, te daré una cosa -I will give you/I will give you a thing-).

The other most popular chant among Argentine fans is Es un sentimiento ... no puedo parar ( English: It's a feeling ... I can't stop [cheering])[1]