Vampira (1974 film)

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Directed by Clive Donner
Produced by Jack Wiener
Written by Jeremy Lloyd
Starring David Niven
Teresa Graves
Music by David Whitaker
Cinematography Anthony B. Richmond
Edited by Bill Butler
Distributed by Columbia-Warner (UK)
American International Pictures (U.S.)
Release date
  • 1974 (1974)
Running time
88 min.
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Vampira (also known as Old Dracula) is a 1974 comedy/horror film spoofing the vampire genre. It stars David Niven and Teresa Graves. Following the success of Young Frankenstein, Vampira was renamed Old Dracula for release in the United States in an attempt to cash in on Young Frankenstein's success.


Count Dracula is an old vampire who, because of his advanced age, is forced to host tours of his castle to get new victims. In an attempt to revive his long-lost love, Vampira, Dracula sets out to collect blood from the bevy of Playboy Playmates living at his castle. However, one of the Playmates whose blood is drained is black, turning the revived Vampira into a black woman.

Dracula enthralls the hapless Marc to collect blood from three white women in hopes of restoring Vampira's original skin color. Dracula transfuses the blood into her but she is unchanged; however, her bite turns Dracula black. Marc and his love Angela race to destroy Dracula but are taken aback upon seeing Dracula's new skin tone. Their surprise gives the vampires time to slip away to catch a flight to Rio for Carnival.


Actor Role
David Niven Count Dracula
Teresa Graves Countess Vampira
Nicky Henson Marc
Jennie Linden Angela
Linda Hayden Helga
Bernard Bresslaw Pottinger
Andrea Allan Eve
Veronica Carlson Ritva
Minah Bird Rose
Freddie Jones Gilmore
Chris Sandford Milton
Frank Thornton Mr. King
Peter Bayliss Maltravers
Cathie Shirriff Nancy
Aimi MacDonald Woman in hotel room
Patrick Newell Man in hotel room
Kenneth Cranham Paddy, the Delinquent
Carol Cleveland Jane, the Delinquent's Victim
Luan Peters Pottinger's Secretary
Nadim Sawalha Airline Representative
Marcia Fox Air Hostess
Penny Irving Playboy Bunny
Hoima McDonald Playboy Bunny
Nicola Austin Playboy Bunny
David Rowlands Drunk
Ben Aris Policeman


The film was released theatrically in the United States by American International Pictures in 1975.

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