Vampire Beach Babes

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Vampire Beach Babes
Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Years active 1997 (1997)–present
  • Baron Marcus
  • Melinda Uden
  • Siren
  • Heather
  • Eris
Past members
  • Kurtys Kidd
  • Julianne Partridge

Vampire Beach Babes are a surf/goth/pop band from Toronto, Canada who have toured internationally and played the Whitby Gothic Weekend in 2006.

The Vampire Beach Babes were featured in November 2006 by Metal Hammer as one of the world’s 28 upcoming bands to watch for. Featured interviews also include Morbid Outlook Magazine.[1] The Vampire Beach Babes' music has been occasionally featured in television and film, including the October 2007 episode of The Best Years and the "Vampires" episode of Shadow Hunter.


The band, which has had a constantly changing roster of members but with Baron Marcus always as the front man, includes the following members as of 2007:

  • Baron Marcus (lead vocals, track programmer and rhythm guitar)
  • Melinda Uden a.k.a. Bunny (drums, vocals, rhythm guitar)
  • Siren (vocals, tambourine) - (also lead singer/songwriter of the band Amy's Arms [2])
  • Heather (guitar, vocals)
  • Eris (guitar)

Since their finale, various members of the Vampire Beach Babes have been involve in the music scene in Toronto. Past members Kurtys "Devilman" Kidd and Julianne "Sunshine" Partridge have gone on to form their own band called The Death Of Me. Melinda Uden has gone on to be very active in the Toronto music scene, joining with various projects in different genres such as NartheX (metal), a brief period with punk band Darwin's Bible, and then went on to co-found The Reed Effect[3]


  • Reckless Summer (1999)
  • Attack of the Killer Bikinis (2002)
  • Beach Blanket Bedlam (2005)
  • Summer of 2006 Advance EP (2006, Limited Edition)
  • Freak Parade (2011)

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