Vampire Junction

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Cover of first edition.

Vampire Junction is a horror novel by Thai writer S. P. Somtow, published in 1984. It is the first in a series about Timmy Valentine, a 12-year-old rock star who is actually a 2,000-year-old vampire. Unpublished for many years and rejected by over two dozen publishers, the novel uses a novel narrative technique inspired by the rapid intercutting of MTV music videos, and festures a high level of the imagery from "splatter" films. Later, the book was published by Berkley/Ace and Tor Books, and has remained in print ever since.

The novel was voted one of "forty all-time greatest horror books" by the Horror Writers Association.[1] It has currently been reissued by Diplodocus Press. S. P. Somtow has written two sequels to Vampire Junction, Valentine and Vanitas.