Vampire Plagues series

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Vampire Plagues is a series of six books written under the pseudonym Sebastian Rook. The first three books were written by Ben Jeapes, the last three by Helen Hart. The books focus on the adventures of three children, Jack Harkett, Benedict Cole & Emily Cole, taking place in 1850. It can also be found as the series Vampire Dusk.


From book back: "A hundred snarling lampirs had gathered across the pathway. Grey river-mist around their feet. Somewhere a wolf howled, and a bat dives to flit low across the surface of the water. And Jack saw, with a sickening certainty, that there was no way past the lampirs... They were trapped. Ben, Jack and Emily are journeying into the Polish mountains, desperate to end the lampir plague that is draining the country. If they destroy the monstrous Count Lampirska, evil founder of the lampir clan, then Poland's dead can rest at last. But the lampirs will do anything to stop them..."