Vampire Tales

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Vampire Tales
Vampire Tales #1 (Aug. 1973). Painted cover by Esteban Maroto.
Publication information
Publisher Curtis Magazines (Marvel Comics)
Publication date Aug. 1973 - June 1975
No. of issues 11 + 1 Annual
Creative team
Written by Don McGregor, Doug Moench, Marv Wolfman, Roy Thomas, Ron Goulart, Tony Isabella
Artist(s) Pablo Marcos, Rich Buckler, Tom Sutton, Mike Vosburg, Sonny Trinidad, Tony DeZuniga, John Romita Sr., Carlos Garzon, Win Mortimer, Vicente Alcazar, Esteban Maroto

Vampire Tales was a black-and-white horror-comics magazine series published by Curtis Magazines (an imprint of American company Marvel Comics) in the 1970s, featuring vampires as both protagonists and antagonists.

In addition to publishing anthological stories, the magazine starred Morbius the Living Vampire, in a feature written primarily by Don McGregor, with pencilers including Pablo Marcos, Rich Buckler, Tom Sutton, and Mike Vosburg, and later by Doug Moench, with artist Sonny Trinidad. The vampire hunter Blade starred in two stories by writer Marv Wolfman and artist Tony DeZuniga, in issue #8-9 (Dec. 1974 - Feb. 1975). Steve Gerber contributed a Morbius story to the first issue and Lilith stories to issues #10-11.

Issue #2 (Oct. 1973) introduced Satana, the Devil's Daughter, in a four-page teaser by writer-editor Roy Thomas and artist John Romita Sr.; and detective Hodiah Twist, created by Don McGregor and penciler Carlos Garzon.

Stories reprinted from Marvel's 1950s predecessor Atlas Comics included pre-Comics Code work by such artists as Bill Everett and Carmine Infantino. Modern reprints included writer-artist Jim Steranko's "At the Stroke of Midnight" from Tower of Shadows #1, and the 11-page Morbius origin sequence from The Amazing Spider-Man #102.

Writer Ron Goulart and Roy Thomas and artist Win Mortimer adapted the vampire short story "The Vampyre", by John Polidori, in issue #1. Other adaptations included writer Don McGregor and artist Vicente Alcazar's "Bat's Belfry" and writer Tony Isabella and artist Esteban Maroto's "The Drifting Snow", both from August Derleth stories.

Published bi-monthly, the magazine cost 75 cents, a typical price for the time.

The 1975 annual reprinted seven stories from the magazine.


  • Vampire Tales #1-11 (Aug. 1973 - June 1975)
  • Vampire Tales Annual #1 (1975)

Collected Editions[edit]

  • Blade: Black and White (Blade stories from Vampire Tales #8-9)
  • Vampire Tales Vol. 1 (Vampire Tales #1-3)
  • Vampire Tales Vol. 2 (Vampire Tales #4-7)
  • Vampire Tales Vol. 3 (Vampire Tales #8-11)