Van Darkholme

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Van Darkholme
Van Darkholme 2.JPG
Darkholme during the Boss Of This Gym Competition
Born (1972-10-24) October 24, 1972 (age 43)[1]
Nationality American
Other names
  • Van Darkholm,[2]
  • Tadashi,[3]
  • TDN Kosugi
Height 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)[1]
Weight 175 lb (79 kg; 12.5 st)[1]

Van Darkholme (born October 24, 1972) is an American performance artist, director, as well as a photographer.

Darkholme is among the few Asian American men working in Western gay porn as a director and actor, and is of Vietnamese descent.[4] Much of his work as a director and actor contains bondage and particularly shibari, the Japanese art of rope bondage, a specialty within BDSM cultures. Van Darkholme (sometimes misspelled as "Darkholm") is a screen name; his birth name has been kept private. His Japanese fans call him "Van Darkholme TDN"

Throughout the 1990s, Darkholme was a fashion and photographic model. It is notable that Van was filming non-pornographic movies at first, some of his appearances include minor characters in the Hong Kong action movies The Adventurers (with Andy Lau) and Who Am I? (with Jackie Chan). Darkholme's book of bondage photography, Male Bondage, was published by Bruno Gmünder in June 2006.[5] In 2008, The San Francisco-based BDSM studio Kink hired Darkholme, where he currently directs gay pornography with an emphasis on bondage and wrestling. Darkholme identifies as homosexual.[6]

Partial videography[edit]

  • Bondo Gods, Vol. 7, (Muscle Bound Productions, 2008)
  • Bondo Gods, Vol. 6, (Muscle Bound Productions, 2008)
  • Anatomy of Bondage, (Muscle Bound Productions, 2007)
  • Bondo Gods, Vol. 5, (Muscle Bound Productions, 2006)
  • Bondo Gods, Vol. 4, (Muscle Bound Productions, 2005)
  • Bondo Gods, Vol. 3, (Muscle Bound Productions, 2005)
  • Once Upon a Time Reloaded, (Muscle Bound Productions, 2005)
  • Rear Window, (Muscle Bound Productions, 2005)
  • Van-Nilla Reloaded, (Muscle Bound Productions, 2005)
  • Bondo Gods, Vol. 2, (Muscle Bound Productions, 2004)
  • Bondo Gods, Vol. 1, (Muscle Bound Productions, 2004)
  • Raw Rope, (Muscle Bound Productions, 2004)
  • Black Rope, (Muscle Bound Productions, 2002)
  • White Rope, (Muscle Bound Productions, 2001)
  • Lords of the Locker Room, (Can Am Productions, 1999)
Van Darkholme posing at a beach.


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