Van Diemen's Land (film)

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Van Diemen's Land
Directed byJonathan auf der Heide
Produced byMaggie Miles
Written byJonathan auf der Heide
Oscar Redding
StarringOscar Redding
Greg Stone
Music byJethro Woodward
CinematographyEllery Ryan
Edited byCindy Clarkson
Release date
24 September 2009 (2009-09-24)
Running time
104 minutes
Box office$289,858

Van Diemen's Land is a 2009 Australian thriller set in 1822 in colonial Tasmania.[1] It follows the story of the infamous Irish convict, Alexander Pearce, played by Oscar Redding[2] and his escape with seven other convicts. The voice-over and some of the dialogue is in Irish.


Movie itself takes place in the 1822, in Tasmania and is based on a true story. A group of transported convicts, suffering brutal treatment at the Sarah Island penal settlement on Van Diemens Land, escape into the Tasmanian wilderness in hopes of reaching the settlements to the east.[3] Their enthusiasm and bravado soon give way to hunger, which saps their strength and causes them to despair.[4] Former urban dwellers, the English, Irish and Scottish convicts realise that not only are they lost,[5] but they do not even know how to hunt or fish. Hunger and despair forces the group to switch to cannibalism, and the band is separated by a difference in opinion on this. Some of the group members separate out from the group and walk to their imminent death. The men do all in their power to keep moving, watch their back and avoid sleep, lest they be the next meal.[6] The movie ends with only one survivor left alive, Alexander Pearce. [7]



  • Alexander Pearce – Aged 32, Irish, thief
  • Robert Greenhill – 32, English, sailor
  • Matthew Travers – 27, Irish, farmer
  • Alexander Dalton – 25, Irish, ex-soldier
  • John Mather – 24, Scottish, bread baker
  • Thomas Bodenham – 22, English, thief
  • William Kennerly – 44, Irish, thief
  • Edward 'Little' Brown – 48, English, profession unknown


Release and reception[edit]

Van Diemen's Land was released to Australian cinemas on 24 September 2009, and was rated MA15+ for "strong violence and coarse language".[9] It received mostly positive reviews, and it earned an 80% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 10 reviews with an average 6.6/10 rating.[10] During the opening weekend, the film grossed $39,939 at the 9 theatres it played ($4,438 average).[11]

Box office[edit]

Van Diemen's Land grossed $289,858 at the box office in Australia.[12]

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