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Van Dyke record label featuring Baby Mine, one of the many compositions written specially for the Grey Gull labels by trumpeter Mike Mosiello.

Van Dyke Records was a United States based record label in existence from about early 1929 through 1932. Van Dyke was a subsidiary of Grey Gull Records of Boston, Massachusetts.

The text on the label of Van Dyke 78 discs proclaimed "Each Record a Masterpiece". Other than a few interesting sides by jazz bands led by Clarence Williams and Cliff Jackson, most Van Dyke records were dance band numbers of the time, usually played by Grey Gull's studio band and featuring musicians such as Mike Mosiello, Andy Sannella and Charles Magnante, recorded with below average audio fidelity for the era, pressed in rather noisy and gritty shellac.

Van Dyke Records retailed for 35 cents each when new.

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