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Van Eyck or Van Eijk (Dutch pronunciation: [fɑn ˈɛi̯k]) is a Dutch toponymic surname. Eijck/Eyck or Eijk are archaic spellings of modern Dutch eik ("oak") and the surname translates as "of the oak tree". People with this surname include:

Renaissance family of painters[edit]

A statue in Ghent, Belgium, depicts the van Eyck brothers, Hubert and Jan.

The important Flemish family of Early Netherlandish painters with the surname van Eyck originated in the valley of the Meuse (Maaseik), but ultimately established their professional domicile in Ghent and in Bruges. There they changed the traditional habits of the earlier schools, remodelled the earlier forms of Flemish design, and introduced a substantial revolution into the technical methods of execution familiar to their countrymen. These painters were responsible for many famous works of the 15th century.

Family members included: Hubert van Eyck, Jan van Eyck, their brother Lambert van Eyck, and sister Margareta van Eyck, and probably Barthélemy d'Eyck from the next generation. Jan van Eyck (c. 1395 – 1441), active in Bruges, is considered to be one of the best Northern European painters of the 15th century.

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