Van Foreest

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van Foreest
noble family
Coat of arms
Country Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands
Founded 13th century
Founder Richolfus de Foresto
Ethnicity Dutch

Van Foreest is the name of an aristocratic family that possibly originates from the region of Aachen in Germany, but is already found in the County of Holland in the 13th century. The family was already noble from earliest times ("Uradel"). In the early modern period, the family played a role in the city councils of Haarlem, Delft and Alkmaar. Members of the family are jonkheer.

Coat of arms[edit]

The Van Foreest coat of arms is depicted in the medieval Gelre Armorial (folio 85v) [1]

Notable members[edit]



H.A. van Foreest: Het oude geslacht Van Foreest, (Assen, 1950, - in Dutch).


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