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Van Ikin (born 25 November 1951) is an academic and science fiction writer and editor. A professor in English at the University of Western Australia, he retired from teaching in 2015 and is now a senior honorary research fellow.[1] He has acted as supervisor for several Australian writers completing their post-graduate degrees and doctorates — including science fiction and fantasy writers Terry Dowling, Stephen Dedman, and Dave Luckett — and received the university's Excellence in Teaching Award for Postgraduate Research Supervision in 2000.

Ikin is probably best known for his editorship of the long-running critical journal Science Fiction. He has reviewed science fiction and fantasy for The Sydney Morning Herald since 1984

Critical works[edit]

Magazines edited[edit]

Anthologies edited[edit]

  • Australian Science Fiction (University of Queensland Press, 1981; reprint, Academy Editions, US, 1984).
  • Glass Reptile Breakout (Centre for Studies in Aust Literature, University of WA, 1990)
  • Mortal Fire: Best Australian SF (with Terry Dowling) (Hodder/Coronet, 1993).



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