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The Van Rooy, also known as the Van Rooy White Persian, is a breed of domestic sheep native to South Africa. The Van Rooy was first developed in 1906 by (and named for) J. C. van Rooy, a South African Senator and farmer in the Bethulie district.[1] The Van Rooy is cross between indigenous Ronderib Afrikaner sheep, and Rambouillets. It is a fat-tailed sheep and also a hair sheep, removing the need for shearing and crutching. They are generally kept for meat production, and are very well-suited to arid climates. Van Rooys are polled, have drooping ears, and are entirely white.[2] The breed is relatively rare, even in South Africa, but has also been exported to Namibia and Zimbabwe.[3]

In 1998 the first Van Rooy embryos were imported into Australia and rams have now been used as a foundation sires in White Dorper upgrading programs.[4] Van Rooy genetics have also contributed to the development of the Australian White sheep breed.[5]


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