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Van Wyck Junior High School (pronounced Van Wike) is an intermediate school in Hopewell Junction, New York, United States, located at 6 Hillside Lake Road and is a part of the Wappingers Central School District. The school opened its doors in 1964 and presently teaches grades seven through eight. New construction of homes in the area have led to overcrowding in Van Wyck and the district's other junior high, Wappingers Junior High School. Incapacity led to the western-most wing (which runs north-south) to be added to the school, which now serves the sixth grade. The extension is only noticeable in the new rooms which touch where the outside of the school once was: normal-sized bricks are seen on the eastern walls of those rooms, while the rest have walls made of cinder blocks. In late 2004, modular classrooms were opened approximately 75 feet (23 m) south of the existing building to accommodate some sixth-grade classes which the school could not hold. The present principal is Steven Shuchat.[1]

This is also one of the most efficient junior high schools in New York with 99.9% of the students passing[citation needed] and it is one of the safest schools with no crime.[citation needed] Eighty-eight percent of the students are white, 6% are African American, 4% are Hispanic, and 2% are other.


In 2003, The district was offered a 143-acre (0.58 km2) piece of land on All Angels Hill Road (CR 94) on which to construct another junior high school. The plan, however, was not approved, despite the fact that only 3,000 out of the registered 72,000 voters in the district voted.[2] In March 2008, a proposed referendum would have added extensions and improvements to the junior high schools in the district, but it was outvoted.


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