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Cavansite, a mineral containing the vanadyl cation that illustrates its characteristic color

The vanadyl or oxovanadium(IV) cation, VO2+,[1] is functional group that is common in the coordination chemistry of vanadium. Complexes containing this functional group are characteristically blue and paramagnetic. A triple bond is proposed to exist between the V4+ and O2- centers.[2]

Natural occurrence[edit]


VO2+, often in an ionic pairing with sodium (Na+H2VO4), is the second most abundant transition metal in seawater, with its concentration only being exceeded by molybdenum.[3] In the ocean the average concentration is 30 nM. Some mineral water springs also contain the ion in high concentrations. For example, springs near Mount Fuji often contain as much as 54 μg per liter.[3]

Vanadyl-containing Compounds[edit]

Related species[edit]


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